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Dear readers/followers,

You probably noticed changes on my blog. I’ve changed the focus of my writing over the last few years and I’m changing my site to reflect this. Rhymesbythereams is moving to otherandelse.wordpress.com. Feel free to follow me there as I continue to explore and share what I find or make along the way.

I will also try to share the opportunities I come across that will be helpful for other writers, especially Ugandan writers.

See you on the other side.


The Woman Who Couldn’t Cook

I am African. I am Ugandan. This is what it says on my passport.

I am a woman. This is what it says on my birth certificate.

But no one buys it.

I am buying vegetables outside a supermarket in Mukono, central Uganda, and a woman from my clan, the Bazigaba, finds me choosing green peppers. You can cook? She asks. I have been back in Uganda for 7 years and two weeks. I still cannot cook, but I can feed myself. I have learned that these are two different things.

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