Other and Else is the space between belonging, the space between categories, tribes, and bi-linear histories. It is a space for me to share my work and experiments with words and their other manifestations. Feel free to engage… or not.

Children, go where I send you!

Father, where have you sent me?

I am caught between Other and else

falling into the dimensions of the mouths I have kissed,

drowning in the transatlantic tears of mothers,

nothing but a tributary

offering myself to Verse in hopes

of building bridges

to better stanzas.

~Mixed Media (2014)


Photo by Darlyne Komukama
Photo by Darlyne Komukama

Gloria Kiconco is a poet based in Kampala. She explores and experiments with written poetry, spoken word performances, visual poetry, and mixed media. She contributes regularly to START, an online journal of the arts in Kampala and her personal essays have appeared in The Forager Magazine and Doppiozero’s Why Africa? column. Her poetry has been published in Brittle Paper, Lawino, and Sooo Many Stories. Gloria was recently selected as a creative non-fiction correspondent for Commonwealth Writers. Catch her in action performing at Poetry-in-session in Kampala.



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