Is our destiny punctuated?

I keep writing,

I keep writing,

like my destiny is without punctuation.

I read somewhere today that punctuation is like traffic signs for language. It is meant to tell you when to stop, when to go, how fast you should be driving and if this street is one way or not. Does that mean God is a glorified grammar instructor? …horrible analogy.

Sounds like the premise for a very deep analysis of destinies, fate and destinations, right? But honestly, I was never one for traffic lights and cars. At 21, I don’t have a driver’s license…but I can ride a bike, so, that’s got to count for something, right? I don’t mind being driven around once in a while.

But nothing beats public transportation: sweaty people, cramped spaces, fights for the window seat, rumbling trains that pull up to graffiti. It’s the feeling that you could just board a train and never stop. Or being on a taxi, your life in someone else’s hands and the thought that if you should crash… to keep you company.

Wait I lied…something does beat public transportation. Wandering. I’m among the last of the wayfarers. I walk into towns like I own them. I could be Rango or like Rango, I could be anybody and no one would know who I am or who am not. The thing about being a vagabond is when one adventure ends, another begins. All you have to do is keep moving.

Keep moving…even into the beyond (check out Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse, it is all you ever need to know about wayfarers).

What am I saying? That there is no need for a destination. In terms of grammar, ambition should be a run-on sentence.

Have you ever taken a few minutes to imagine your life if you achieved everything you ever dreamed of? It gets pretty boring and lonely out there at the full stop doesn’t it? The only remedy is to keep moving. Invest your life in an endless search like my ambition to express myself acutely.

I’ll probably never get there. But the fun is in the chase.

I’ll keep writing and you keep doing your thing and you might be surprised how many more intricate adventures there are just waiting for you to get past your destination.

And on that note look out for my next blog, born of sudden inspiration (at the end of the last sentence), titled Stationary-Chasing.

Till then.
Best regards